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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Product range suitable for Primary and Secondary Students.

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Air Power Engine Car Kit
Air Power Engine Car Kit: A green powered car. No batteries or motors required. This car kit oper..
Alka Selzter tablets
Alka Seltzer tablets for film cannister rockets, pkt/20 ..
All Terrain Multifunction Crawler
All Terrain Multifunction Crawler.Challenge your students to construct this multifunction crawler..
Automated Electronic Bugs
Automated electronic bugs: These autonomous high speed creatures mimic the behaviour of an insect..
Balloon race cars kit, 15 design teams
Balloon Race Cars Kit : Grades 6-12. Race to the finish with balloon powered race cars and N..
Balloon Rockets Kit, for 15 design teams
Balloon Rocket Kit : Grades 6-12. Newton's third law of motion takes off as design teams launch b..
Battery Dilemma Kit for 30 students
Battery Dilemma Kit: Allow your students to assume the role of electrical engineers, designing ba..
BeeSpi V, Collision Apparatus for Kinetic Energy
Bee Spi V. This apparatus includes a horizontal ball launcher and BeeSpi V for measuring velocity..
BeeSpi V, IGauge OS-K
I Guage. This equipment is suitable for dynamics experiment of sphere (ball) rolling down the tra..
BeeSpi V,G Gauge ME-K (Velocity and Acceleration)
Bee Spi V Gauge. This equipment is designed for experimentation of velocity and acceleration in f..
BeeSpi V,Photogate Holder
Specially designed adaptor (holder) for the BeeSpi V to be secured to stand at an arbitrary angle..
BeeSpi V,Self Contained Photogate
Use the new BeeSpi V advanced self contained photogate to measure free fall speeds,cars and proje..
Biofuels Kit for 32 students
Biofuels Kit: This exciting STEM challenge will allow students to investigate the entire ethanol ..
Boats and Buoyancy kit for 15 teams
Boats and Bouyancy Kit: Grades 6-12. "Anchors away" as design teams work to build a better boat s..
Bubbles Kit for 15 design teams
Bubbles Kit: Grades 6-12. In this series of hands on activities involving soap bubbles, students ..
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