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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Product range suitable for Primary and Secondary Students.

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Separation of a Mixture Kit for 15 design teams of 2
Separation of a Mixture Kit: Grades 7-12. Students use planning skills,logic, and trial and error..
Simple Machines Set
5 in 1 Machine Set. Contains enough pieces to construct a lever, a pulley, an inclined plane, a w..
Snap Circuits- Alternative Energy
This kit features some of the latest innovations in alternative energy. Using the hand cranked dy..
Solar Car Design Kit, for 32 students in 8 groups of 4
Solar Car Design Kit: Turn your students into automotive design engineers. The challenge: design ..
Solar Cell Energy Conversion Set
Solar Cell Energy Conversion Set, encapsulated solar cell, mounted in metal case with motor lamp ..
Solar Cell Kit
Solar Cell Kit,simple kit with wires,small cell and motor. ..
Solar Energy Kit, 8 cells
Solar energy kit,with 8 solar cells, connected in parallel,support column, motor cable and tools...
Solar Hydrogen Generation Kit
Solar Hydrogen Generation Kit. Invent your own clean energy applications using  fuel cells a..
Solar Robot Educational Kit
Solar Robot Educational Kit: This kit can be transformed into 14 different functional robots. Mec..
Solar Water Distillation Kit, for 15 teams of 2
Solar Water Distillation Kit: Build excitement around water distillation by allowing students to ..
Sound Off kit  for 16 design teams
Sound Off Kit: Grades 6-12. Boost smartphone sound with everyday items.Design teams transform car..
Structures Kit for 15 teams.
Structures kit: Explore the strength, resilience and function of geometric shapes, angles and cur..
Sun Print Kit
Sun Print Kit. Produce permanent prints from nature and man made material.This light sensitive pa..
Super Capacitor Kit
Super Capacitor Kit. Discover the extraordinary storage of the super capacitor. Create energy fro..
Table Top Robot
Table Top Robot.Assemble this kit to make a robotic crab that can detect the edges of a table and..
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