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Omega Scientific was established in November 1989 by the current managing director James Willmore to service the requirements of the secondary school market.

Over the  past 30 years Omega Scientific has emerged as the major supplier to schools in South Australia and the Northern Territory. This strength exists because of the high level of integrity and personal service offered, and because of the ability to supply the majority of equipment required at very competitive prices.

Display stand at the 1999 Conference of the Australian Science Teachers Association
Above: Display stand at the 2009  Omega Scientific open day.

Omega Scientific specializes in the Educational market, has low overheads and as an independent supplier is able to source and supply a very wide range of the most appropriate items without the restrictions of particular brand loyalties.

Our strong image into the school science market began some 15 years ago when the Science Project Officer from the Department of Education in South Australia approached us seeking quality science equipment that could meet their technical and safety specifications.  Omega Scientific was quite outstanding in its willingness to respond to the quality control needs, and to seek items which suited them, and which offered the best value for the life of the item.This association has been mutually beneficial, both serving to meet their particular needs, and at the same time providing Omega Scientific with the best advice of the end users, so that the company stocks a wide range of quality items.

Examples of two major problems which have been addressed:

Laboratory Glassware:

Some 15 years ago, the Education Department was purchasing glassware on price alone. As a result, the quality was very poor. Glass items used for heating purposes were highly stressed , of very low borosilicate content and had a short lifespan, thus offering poor value to the purchaser. This also created a safety problem, and there were a number of accidents and near misses when glassware failed in use. An extensive range of glassware was tested by the Science Committee and concluded that the high quality brands such as Pyrex and Schott offered the best value to schools, taking into account the life of the item, and the safety considerations. 

Microscopes:For many years schools received excellent service from quality educational microscopes, enjoying the benefits of continuity and spare parts service that this provided.Over the years these quality microscopes became too expensive, obsolete or had declined in quality.A diverse range of imported models began to penetrate the market. Quality varied wildly, and the diversity meant that the service and spare parts were often unavailable.

This problem was tackled by the Committee by establishing detailed specifications based on quality, required features, and the capacity for suppliers to maintain long term continuity and service of the equipment. A large number of different models available at the time were evaluated and the Motic brand microscopes, supplied through Omega Scientific was selected as the preferred microscope.These have now been sold in large numbers and have fully met all of the expectations of the science committee in terms of quality and back up service and have earned a high reputation in schools in South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

Many other other examples of quality problems that have been corrected: flimsy and unsafe laboratory tongs,retort clamps poorly cast, gauze wire mats filled with asbestos, test tube and bottles racks incorrectly sized, induction coils wound on cardboard rolls etc. The flood of cheap imports makes it essential, for reasons of value and safety, that an effective quality control system is in place.

Many overseas schools have contacted us in recent years wishing to purchase their science requirements to equip their science laboratories with quality products.

Omega Scientific therefore continues to sources a vast range of products from manufacturers in Australia and overseas that continue to meet the specifications that have been requested  by the Science Project Officer of the Education Deparment of South Australia.

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