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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Product range suitable for Primary and Secondary Students.

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Build it Write kit, for 16 pairs of students
Build It Write Kit: Grades 6-12. Reinforce the importance of technical writing and following dire..
Bumper Cars and Ring Magnet Set
Bumper Car Magnets. Set of two mini bumper cars and 4 ring magnets. The cars have slots to hold t..
Cartesian Divers Kit for 15 design teams
Cartesian Divers Kit: Grades 6-12. Experience the ups and downs of science , technology, engineer..
Chemical reaction rockets kit, for 15 student teams.
Chemical Reaction Rockets:  Grades 6-12. With this kit students learn about gas-forming chem..
Constant Velocity Car
This simple but powerful toy car provides a visible source of uniform speed.  Students can e..
Crystal Growing Kit for 15 pairs of students
Crystal Growing Kit: Grades 7-12. Watch the engineering design process crystallize in your classr..
Drinking Bird
Drinking Bird shows evaporation. A heat engine that mimics the motion of a bird drinking from a w..
Egg Drop Kit for 15 design teams
Egg Drop Kit:  Protect the falling egg with engineering, geometry and physics. Design teams ..
Electric Motors kit for 10 design teams
Motors Kit: Grades 6-12. Get charged up about motors and electrical engineering. Design teams ass..
Emerging energy set
Emerging Energy Kit: Grades 6-12, Bring engaging STEM activities into your curriculum with these ..
Ethanol Fuel Cell Kit
Ethanol Fuel Cell Kit. Discover the workings of a direct ethanol fuel cell and the principals beh..
Geothermal Kit, for 32 students working in 8 groups of 4
Geothermal Kit: By studying surface area and heat transfer in real world senarios,your students c..
Hydraulic Excavator
Hydraulic Excavator.This model incorporates the priciples of hydraulic power. Two hydraulic cylin..
Hydrocar Solar Hydrogen Car Kit
Hydrocar Solar Hydrogen Car Kit. Introducing the hybrid technology that is fueling today's automo..
Hydroelectric Power Kit for 32 students in 8 groups 4
Hydroelectric Power Kit: Do your students understand hydroelectric power?,With this hands on enga..
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