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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Product range suitable for Primary and Secondary Students.

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Build it Write kit, for 16 pairs of students
Build It Write Kit: Grades 6-12. Reinforce the importance of technical writing and following dire..
Bumper Cars and Ring Magnet Set
Bumper Car Magnets. Set of two mini bumper cars and 4 ring magnets. The cars have slots to hold t..
Cartesian Divers Kit for 15 design teams
Cartesian Divers Kit: Grades 6-12. Experience the ups and downs of science , technology, engineer..
Chemical reaction rockets kit, for 15 student teams.
Chemical Reaction Rockets:  Grades 6-12. With this kit students learn about gas-forming chem..
Constant Velocity Car
This simple but powerful toy car provides a visible source of uniform speed.  Students can e..
Crystal Growing Kit for 15 pairs of students
Crystal Growing Kit: Grades 7-12. Watch the engineering design process crystallize in your classr..
Data Logger Easy Sense V-Hub 4
The Easy Sense V-Hub4 Data Logger works with the entire SmartQ sensor range, providing low cost f..
Data Logger Smart Q Light Gate (Each)
The Light Gate has an infrared transmitter and receiver that will detect an object passing throug..
Data Logger Smart Q Motion Sensor
The SmartQ Motion Sensor is a sonar device that emits ultrasonic pulses. It measures the time it ..
Data Logger Smart Q pH Adaptor
The Smart Q pH adaptor has a preset calibration range and a user calibration range. The pH adapto..
Data Logger Smart Q pH Electrode
The pH electrode is connected via the ph adaptor (sold separately). It is a general purpose plast..
Data Logger Smart Q Temperature Sensor -200 to 1000 C (K-Type)
The Smart Q Thermocouple adaptor is equipped with a micro controller for greater precision and ac..
Data Logger Smart Q Temperature Sensor -30-110C
The Smart Q Temperature sensor is equipped with a micro controller that improves the accuracy,pre..
Drinking Bird
Drinking Bird shows evaporation. A heat engine that mimics the motion of a bird drinking from a w..
Egg Drop Kit for 15 design teams
Egg Drop Kit:  Protect the falling egg with engineering, geometry and physics. Design teams ..
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