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Electric Motor, 1.5 -4.5 Volt  round
Motor, 1.5 - 4.5V, 9500 rpm, 2mm shaft ..
Solar Cell 150 x 150mm encapsulated
Solar Cell 150 x 150mm encapsulated, metal framed, 6-8V, 1 W output with leads ..
Solar Cell 78 x 55mm
Solar Cell 78 x 55mm, 0.97V x 500 mA, 0.485W output, encapsulated  in plastic with attachmen..
Solar Cell Energy Conversion Set
Solar Cell Energy Conversion Set, encapsulated solar cell, mounted in metal case with motor lamp ..
Solar Cell Kit
Solar Cell Kit,simple kit with wires,small cell and motor. ..
Solar Energy Kit, 8 cells
Solar energy kit,with 8 solar cells, connected in parallel,support column, motor cable and tools...
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