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Ampere Rule
Observe the movement of the compasses as a current passes through a vertical and horizontal heavy..
Electronics Kit Digital Trainer
The IEC Digital Trainer Kit is a self contained set of electronic circuits that can be interlinke..
Electrostatic cloths set/3, 30cm x30cm
Electrostatic. Cloths set 3 30cm x 30cm   ..
Franck Hertz Experiment Set
The IEC Franck Hertz Experiment Board consists of an Electron valve configured to behave as a min..
Generator AC/DC hand driven
Genarator,comprising a pulley, wheel 175mm diameter,with an axle, driving a small pulley 25mm&nbs..
The IEC Infra Red Detector is a special photo transistor which has maximum sensitivity to electro..
Kinetic Theory- vibrating ball type
The IEC Kinetic Theory apparatus simulates the behaviour of a gas. A quantity of small metal sphe..
Kundt's Apparatus (with speaker & mic)
This apparatus is used to reproduce Kundt's experiments to study wave motion inside a tube by usi..
Laser Receiver
This product is used to recieve any Laser light beam that has been modulated by a signal.Mod..
Loud Speaker unmounted, 100mm dia
Lpud Speaker, unmounted 100mm   ..
Refraction  Tank
Acrylic hollow tank with graduations,200mm diameter x 15mmm high ..
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