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Dyes for electrophoresis
Dyes. Your students will gain experience with the principles and practice of gel electrophoresis ..
Electrophoresis Chamber,complete,gel length of 83mm
Electrophoresis chamber. These chambers offer many advantages for electrophoresis. Agarose gels a..
Electrophoresis Chamber,complete,gel length of 85mm
Electrophoresis chamber. This chamber is designed for use in education. The injection molded..
Electrophoresis power supply, 2 outlets, 0-300V
Electrophoresis power supply, 2 outlets, 10-300v or 10-400mA. Combining small size and versit..
Micropipette, 25ul
Micro pipette, 25ul .Accurate and reliable fixed volume micropipettes that are ideal for student ..
Micro pipette 10ul. Accurate and reliable fixed volume micropipettes that are ideal for stud..
Pipette tips in  box. 100-1000ul box 96
Pipette tips in  box, 100-1000ul, box 96, refillable box for blue tips ..
Pipette tips in box. 2-200ul box 96
Pipette tip box, 2-200ul , box 96. Easily store replacement tips (yellow) ..
Pipette tips micro , 5-200ul,pkt/200
Micro pipette tips. Pack of 200 tips for use with G40.60 and G40.61 ..
Practising Gel sheet
Practising gel sheet ..
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