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Balance, Electronic, Digital, AND.( Top quality, very reliable). Full backup service in SA

Always ensure your balance can be serviced in Australia and / or replaced quickly with a new unit if you experience difficulties.

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Balance Electronic 252g/0.0001g. AND
Balance,analytical 252g/0.0001g fast accurate precision 0.1mg to 10 micrograms. Automatic calibra..
Balance Electronic 3100g/1g AND
Balance, large LCD display with 13.5mm characters.Multiple weighing units.Long battery life, 450 ..
Balance Electronic 310g/0.001g  AND
Balance,electronic, 310g/0.001g , Multiple measuring modes. LCD display, AC or battery operation ..
Balance Electronic 310g/0.1g AND
Balance electronic, 300g/0.1g,  LCD display, multiple weighing modes,long life battery 450ho..
Balance Electronic 3200g/0.01g AND
Balance,electronic, 3200g/0.01g. Multiplw weighing modes, Digital calibration, top pan weighing, ..
Balance Electronic 320g/0.001g AND
Balance electronic, 320g/0.001g, Multiple weighing modes, digital calibration, digital display. 3..
Balance Electronic 5100g/1g AND
Balance electronic, 5100g/1g, Large LCD display, Multiple weighing modes. Long life battery, 450 ..
Balance Electronic 510g/0.1g AND
Balance, electronic, 510g/0.1g. Large LCD display, Multiple weighing modes.Long life battery. Pan..
Balance Electronic 5200g/0.01g AND
Balance,electronic 5200g/0.01g.Multiple weighing modes. Digital display.Digital calibration 3 yea..
Balance Electronic 520g/0.001g AND
Balance,electronic, 520g/0.001g. Multiple weighing modes. Digital display, digital calibration. 3..
Balance Electronic 610g/0.01g AND
Balance, electronic, 610g/0.01g, multiple measuring modes. LCD display. AC or battery operation ..
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