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Chemical Label Maker Version 6 (GHS 7 Compatible) Windows 10-11

Chemical Label Maker Version 6 (GHS 7 Compatible) Windows 10-11
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This program conforms to the new GHS regulations.  Since 1st January 2023 the 7th revised edition of the GHS (GHS7) must be used to classify and label hazardous chemicals in Australia.This programme will print the required information on 3 different label sizes according to the bottles you use or you may customise a label size. The pictograms are also printed on the label. (Colour printer required).

Please note that the chemical label maker v5 is now obsolete and has passed its life expectancy, this program has been utilised in schools since 2015 and has been replaced with v6.

Chemical Label Maker General Features

  1. A scrollable listing of all the chemicals held in the database.
  2. A simultaneous textual display to allow you to examine the Health and Precautionary phrase details of the currently highlighted chemical.
  3. The ability to add new labels and edit existing ones.
  4. A delete facility to delete chemicals from the database and print list.
  5. A printing capability for printing on different label sizes.
  6. The ability to add chemical formulae and classification codes to the highlighted chemical.

Chemical Label Maker System Requirements

  1. Pentium or better with at least 8MB RAM
  2. USB Port
  3. Microsoft Windows 10-11
  4. A sheet feeding printer (laser or inkjet recommended)


Chemical Label Maker Screen Shots

The main program screen:

The add item screen:

The edit item screen:

Print label screen:

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