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A.C Theory Kit IEC

A.C Theory Kit IEC
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The IEC A.C. Theory Kit contains all the components necessary to perform a range of experiments for the teaching of A.C. electrical theory.The kit contains an accurate digital signal source to permit the student to study the effects of frequency on impedance and resonance. This 10 volt peak to peak signal source can provide all the current required for the experiments and is effectively the complete power source.

Inductors are mounted in strong plastic bases and capacitors,resistors and switch are mounted in strong transparent plastic housings so that each is easily visible to help students recognise devices. The kit comes complete with a set of connecting cables and good quality 4 mm banana plugs moulded to the cables. Two centre-zero  meters are provided for dynamic study of current and voltages. The digital multi-meter provided is for both AC and DC volts and amps and includes capacitance measurement.

The standard kit components are:

Digital signal source:Input 220v/240v A.C. Output 0.5Hz to 200Hz crystal locked. Fixed output voltage at 10V.p/p output current up to 0.5amps selectable waveforms: Sine,Square,Triange or Sawtooth.

2 Inductors each 2 Henry, 1 Capacitor 10000uF in housing,2 Capacitors,each 5uF in one housing,1 Resistor,25 ohms, 550mA in housing.1 Resistor 500 ohm, 60 mA,in housing.1 switch single pole, two way in housing. 1 Bench meter,centre zero, 300-0-300mA. 1 Bench meter,centre zero 10-0-10V. 1 Meter,digital,AC &DC multi range,AC & DC volta and amps,ohms and capacitance. 1 set of 10 cables with moulded-on 4mm banana plugs both ends. 1 experiment book

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