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Sodium Chloride Standard Solution, 500ml
Sodium Chloride solution, 500ml 30g/l  for the calibration of salinity testers. ..
Spectrometer,Flame Emission, Colorimetry, A/A w/RS232 & Software
Student Spectrometer, for the study of Flame emission and Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometry and Colo..
Spectrophotometer Digital
Designed for general analysis and educational use.Variable wavelength, Microprocessor controlled...
Splints wooden for Flame Test pk/500
Wooden Splints, ideal for flames test pracs.  140mm x 5mm x 1mm  pkt/500 ..
Stirrer, magnetic, 240V
Stirrer, magnetic, 240V AC, variable to 1300rpm, iec designed with strong magnetic stirrer. &nb..
Stirring Bar (Spin Bar), 20mm
Stirring Bar (Spin Bar), 20mm, ptfe coated pk/5,  ..
Stirring Bar (Spin Bar), 40mm
Stirring Bar (Spin Bar), 40mm, Ptfe, coated, pk/5,  ..
Test Tube, 16mm dia x 100mm, for Small Scale equipment
Test Tube, glass,16mm dia x 100mm  for Small Scale equipment, pk/20 ..
Thermometer, digital high range 1350 C
The Hanna digital Thermometer has a range from -50 to 199.9 C or 200-1350C. Accuracy is 0.2% . ba..
Voltaic Cells set
Voltaic Cells set,includes transparent cell,porous ceramic cup,electrode holders, 10 various lect..
Voltameter (student)
Voltameter.Simple electrolysis experiment. Produce and collect hydrogen and oxygen gases ..
WATER Distiller  4Lt /Hr non glass design
WATER STILL, plated steel, construction, 750W,240V AC. 4lt/hour capacity,boil dry protection..
Water filter  for Water still, carbon granules
Activated charcoal  granules in sachet for water distiller pkt/10 sachets &nbs..
Water Still , Cascade 3Lt/hr Labglass
The Cascade Water Still  produces single distilled water at 3 litres per hour. A feed water ..
Weighing Tray, 4cm  x 4cm x 1.2cm(Weighing Boat)
Weighing Tray, 4cm (Weighing Boat), stackable for weighing chemicals,pk/100 ..
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