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Gas Collection Tube
Gas collection tube. A specially formed tube approx 30cm long x 6mm od x 2mm  id . A tube fr..
Gas Measuring Tubes 50ml
Gas measuring tube,burette, closed at the zero end for gas measurement. Borosilicate glass, gradu..
Hazchem Spill Kit 30lt
Has Chem Spill Kit. Includes a variety of sorbents to handle nearly any type of caustic, hazardou..
Heating mantle 500ml round bottom flask
The Electromantle features a durable,chemically resistant polypropylene outer housing. All with b..
Heating Mantle, 50ml to 100ml for round bottom flasks
The heating mantle has a durable,chemically resistant polypropylene outer housing that minimises ..
Heating Mantle, for 250ml round bottom flasks
Heating mantle for 250ml capacity flasks. Electromantles feature a durable, chemically resis..
Hoffman Voltameter on stand
Hoffman Voltameter on stand,high quality glass, robust design, 2 large platinum electrodes, each ..
Hoffmann Voltameter Acrylic New Design
Used to demonstrate electrolysis of water, new plastic and stainless steel construction to minimi..
Hotplate magnetic stirrer IEC, 300 degrees C, thermostat
Stirrer- Hotplate, thermostat control temperature range up to 300 degrees C  ..
Hotplate, magnetic stirrer , simmerstat
Hotplate, magnetic stirrer, simmerstat control up to 450 C ..
Immersion heater 12v/50W
Immersion heater,12v/50w for use with calorimer block sets ..
Kipps Generator,250ml Glass
Kipps generator, 250ml glass ..
Meter , pH/Mv/C with probe
Meter hand held reliable and easy to use.  Pre amplified electrode, Automatic Temperatur..
Meter Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS (low range)
Meter, ph,low range EC/TDs (0-3999uS/cm. EC 0-2000 ppm TDS) and Temperature pH 00-14.00 ph Re..
Meter Combo pH/Conductivity/TDS(High Range)
This combination tester will measure EC/TDS in the high range (0.00 to 20.00 mS/cm, EC/0.00 to 10..
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