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Elga B114/A Wall Mounted Deioniser,30Litres per hour
The B114 wall mounted deionisation system can produce up to 30 litres per hour of high purity wat..
Elga Deionser spare cartridge
Elga spare cartridge for elga B114 deioniser  ..
Elga Micromeg replacement cartridge
Micromeg replacement cartridge for elga MCDS ..
Filter Paper 7cm Quantitative
Filter paper 7cm Quantitative for gravimetric analysis where careful refinement required,ashless ..
Filter Paper, Quantitative 55mm pkt/100 ..
Filter Paper Quantitative 90mm pkt/100 ..
Filter Paper, qualitative, 110mm dia
Filter Paper, qualitative, 110mm dia, not hardened,medium -fast speed.Double Rings 102 or Whatman..
Filter Paper, qualitative, 125mm dia
Filter Paper, qualitative, 125mm dia,, medium fast speed, Double rings 102 . Pkt/100 ..
Filter Paper, qualitative, 240mm dia
Filter Paper, qualitative, 240mm dia, not hardened, ashless medium fast speed Whatman No 1 pkt/10..
Filter Paper, qualitative, 70mm dia
Filter Paper, qualitative, 70mm dia, ,medium fast speed, Double Rings 102 or Whatman Equivalent.P..
Filter Paper, quantitative, 110mm dia
Filter Paper, quantitative, 110mm dia, Ashless, medium fast speed,Double Rings 202 or Whatman equ..
Filter Paper, quantitative, 125mm dia
Filter Paper, quantitative, 125mm dia, Ashless, medium fast speed, Double Rings 202 or Whatman eq..
Filter Paper, quantitative, 150mm dia
Filter Paper, quantitative, 150mm dia,Ashless, medium fast speed, Double Rings 202 ,Pkt/100 ..
Filter Paper, quantitative, 180mm dia
Filter Paper, quantitative, 180mm dia, Ashless, medium fast speed. Double Rings 202 pkt/100 ..
Flame Test Bottle set
Flame Test Bottle set,plastic ,50ml for cation flame colour tests, pack/10  ..
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