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Centrifuge, electric powered
Centrifuge, electric powered,bench top model,240v,1000-4000rpm. 0-60 minute timer,6 x 15ml tubes,..
Centrifuge, hand cranked
Centrifuge, hand cranked, geared handle,2500/3000rpm. 4 place head for 15ml tubes ..
Chart, Universal Indicator,pk/10
Chart, Universal Indicator,pk/10 ..
Chromatography Paper, 2cm wide x 100m
Chromatography Paper, 2cm wide x 100m 87gsm ..
Chromatography Paper, 50mm wide x 10m
Chromatography Paper, 50mm wide x 10m 87gsm ..
Chromatography Plates, thin layer, silica gel
Chromatography Plates, thin layer, silica gel,plastic backed sheets 20cm x 20cm, Merck. Price is ..
Colorimeter,digital IEC
The IEC Digital Colorimeter is microprocessor controlled and designed for the classroom or labora..
Colorimeter,test tubes and adaptor  ref C002
Colorimeter, with test tubes and inbuilt power source, for accurate determination of concentratio..
Conductivity Meter Dist 3  low range 0-1999 uS/cm
The DiST 3 Conductivity meter has a range of 0-1999 uS/cm, resolution 1uS/cm, accuracy +- 2%. Man..
Conductivity Meter high range Dist 4 19.99mS/cm
The DiST 4 conductivity meter has a range of 19.99mS/cm, resolution 0.01mS/cm, accuracy +- 2%. Te..
Conductivity Meter, (EC/TDS)
This unit is a portable EC/TDS and temperature meter combined. A two ring conductivity probe allo..
Conductivity Solution 1413 uS/cm 250ml
The conductivity solution is a premium quality potassium chloride solution, measured at 1413 uS/c..
Copper 11 oxide prac test tube
Copper 11 oxide prac glass test tube with gas release hole in bottom of test tube. Test tube 150m..
Cuvettes for Spectrophotometry 4.5ml
Cuvettes for Spectrophotometery, 4.5ml. UV quality. Clear and sharp optical path 12mm x 12mm x 45..
Diji-Pipette, 0-10ml
Diji-Pipette, 0-10mL,with hand grip and plunger and graduated pipette to allow accurate dispensin..
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