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Teltron Atomic Physics

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Lead  High Voltage for Teltron Tubes
Lead Set, HT, for Teltron, high voltage leads to 5KV, 1200mm long, 2 red,2 green,2 black with hea..
Teltron  Deflection Tube,  525
Cathode Ray Deflection Tube, is intended for investigating the deflection of electron beams in el..
Teltron Defraction tube 555
The Teltron Defraction tube is used to demonstrate the wave nature of electrons throuh the observ..
Teltron Dual Beam Tube ref U19170
Part evacuated electron tube, filled with neon at low pressure, with tangential and axial electro..
Teltron experiment safety lead sets
For electrical circuits using the Teltron tubes with low voltages and high currents, copper ..
Teltron Helmholtz Coils D
The Helmholtz coils generate a uniform magnetic field perpendicular to the axis of the Teltron D ..
Teltron Maltese Cross 553
The Teltron Maltese Cross is a high vacuum electron tube with a divergent electron gun aimed at a..
Teltron Tube Holder D
Teltron tube holder, D series made of robust plastic for holding electron tubes.The stand  h..
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