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Electromagnetic Flash Light
Look inside the clear case as you shake and see the powerful magnet pass back and forth through a..
The IEC/Energy/ Power meter is specially designed for the use in the classroom.It is powered from..
Knob for IEC Power Supply
Knob for IEC Power Supply, 33mm old type unit ..
Lead High Voltage Black 1Mt each
Lead, High Voltage double insulated pvc with plugs black 1 metre ..
Lead High Voltage Green 0.5 Mt each
Lead High Voltage green double insulated pvc 0.5 metre long with plugs ..
Lead High Voltage Green 1 Mt each
Lead High Voltage double insulated green 1 metre long with plugs ..
Loud Speaker for wave lab
The IEC Loud Speakers for Wave-lab are broad ranged,robust, compact and are designed for general ..
Power Supply, 2- 12 Volt (Power Pack)
Power Supply, 2- 12 Volt (Power Pack) IEC stepped outputs of 2,4,6,8,10,12volts ACor DC, to 5 amp..
Power Supply, Extra High Voltage (EHV)
Power Supply, Extra High Voltage (EHV), mains operated,with 2 x 6.3V,,4A AC, +/- 0-3KV DC an..
Power Supply, mini, 2-12v AC/DC, 5A
Power Supply, mini, identical to the standard IEC power supply, just half the size of 86-001 ..
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