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Biological Models,3B Germany very durable, quality parts and very detailed

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Amoeba, enlarged 1000x
Amoeba, enlarged 1000x ..
Anatomical skeleton with muscle markings
Made from durable unbreakable synthetic material.Natural size,3 part assembled skull, individuall..
Animal Cell, model
This single piece model,magnified approximately 13000 times, is a very useful tool to study the c..
Animal Meosis raised relief
Animal Meosis raised relief model, shows meitoc division, on board 35 x55 cm ..
Animal Mitosis raised relief
Animal Mitosis raised relief model, shows resting cell, early propase,prophase,metaphase,anaphase..
Brain Model C15
Brain Model, German quality,coloured plastic dissectable model ..
Breast cancer model full size
Breast Cancer .This model is made of durable lifelike material with two lumps that simulate typic..
Buttercup root model
Buttercup root model, tissue structure 400x magnification of longitudal and transverse view ..
Dicot Leaf Model
The structure of a dicot leaf is well represented in this 600x life size model, the cross and the..
Dicot Root Model, 2D
The Dicot Root model is a 2 D thin section raised relief model.Made from PVC and mounted on ..
Dicot Stem Model 2 D
The Dicot Stem Model is a 2 dimension thin section raised relief model with notes, made of pvc an..
DNA (A) Model, Carolina type
DNA Model, Carolina type,plastic colour coded,double helix,250mm high,with paired neucleotides. ..
DNA Double Helix Structure Model
When assembled, students can understand the basic structure of  DNA. By assembling the model..
DNA Model, Molymod type, 12 layer,1 turn
DNA Model, Molymod type, 1 turn,12 layer model, 24cm H x 11cm Dia.Abstract shaped colour coded co..
DNA Model, Molymod type,22 layer, 2 turns
DNA Model, Molymod type, 2 turns,22 layer model. 44cm H x 11cm Dia. Abstract shapedcolour coded c..
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