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Distillation Equipment Australian made (German glass) for the 27bu and 46bu kits.

The distillation glassware supplied in this listing is made from Pyrex or Duran glass. Well known for its stability, good workability and high thermal shock resistance. Pyrex and Duran has a very low rate of thermal expansion which makes it an excellent material for the 27Bu and 46 Bu distillation kits and components.

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Buchner Flask, 46BU size, FB100/2
Buchner Flask, with side arm 46BU size, FB100/2,100ml 19/26 ..
Distillation Kit, 27BU size Mowbray Type A,14/23
Distillation Kit, 27BU size. These kits are made from high quality borosilicate glass and have be..
Distillation Kit, 46BU size,Mowbray Type B,19/26 joints
Distillation Kit, 46BU size, made from high quality borosilicate glass. This brand has been suppl..
Filter Funnel, 46BU size, SF42/2
Filter Funnel, 46BU size, SF42/2,19/26 joints,perforated plate,made from quality german glassware..
Flask round bottom 50ml , 14/23
Flask, round bottom, 50ml borosilicate Mowbray high quality 14/23 ..
Flask round bottom borosilicate 100ml 19/26
Flask round bottom borosilicate glass, 19/26 joint Mowbray , 100ml ..
Flask round bottom borosilicate glass 100ml Mowbray
Flask round bottom , borosilicate glass.100ml Mowbray 14/23 Ref FR100/1S ..
Flask, pear shaped, 27BU size, FP50/1,Mowbray
Flask, pear shaped, 27BU size,50ml, FP50/1,14/23,joint,made from high content borosilicate glass ..
Flask, pear shaped, 46BU size, FP100/2,Mowbray
Flask, pear shaped, 46BU size, FP100/2, 100ml,19/26 neck made from high quality borosilicate glas..
Flask, round bottom,250ml  46BU size, FR250/2, Mowbray
Flask, round  bottom , 250ml  46BU size, FR250/2, joint 19/26,made from hiqh quality bo..
Fractionating column 300mm long borosilicate glass Mowbray 14/23
Fractionating column 300mm long borosilicate glass with 14/23 cone and socket ideal for use with ..
Fractionating column, Dufton type with beads
Fractionating column, Dufton quality german glass, accurately fitted glass spiral, liquid spirall..
Inlet Tube, suits 27BU and 46BU sizes, MF15/1
Inlet Tube, suits 27BU and 46BU sizes, MF15/1, Mowbray. ..
Liebig Condenser, 27BU size, C1/11
Liebig Condenser, 27BU size, C1/11, 14/23, 150mm long, quality german glass With plastic screw on..
Liebig Condenser, 46BU size, C1/12
Liebig Condenser, 46BU size, C1/12, 19/26, quality glass, (mowbray) ..
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