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Broad Spectrum Parasite Cure, 150ml
For external parasites,oodinium,white spot, velvet and fungal diseases, 150ml bottle ..
Charcoal Pellets, 500g pack
Filter medium for aquariums, 500g pack   ..
Chlorine Neutraliser and Water Ager
For freshwater aquaria,neutralises chlorine in tap water, 120ml ..
Feed, Fish,Bottom Feeders
Sinking wafers for cat fish, loaches and other bottom feeders, 110 g pack ..
Filter Sponge, 200,400,600
Replacement sponge for submersible Filter Pumps pk/3 item 03-038,03-039,03-051  ..
Filter Wool sheet
Sheet form, 200mm x 255mm x 15mm thick ..
Fish Feed Algae Wafers
Algae eaters food 82g pack ..
Fish Feed Block form, pkt/4 week end
Week end food, pack of 4 blocks 3g each ..
Fish Feed Tropical 62g
Tropical Flake, 62g  ..
Fish Feed Tropical, 38g
Tropical Feed Flake 28g ..
Fish Feed, Coldwater, 52g
Flake, coldwater, 52g ..
Fish Feed, Coldwater, goldfish 100g
Flake, coldwater, 100g   ..
Fish feed, 40g holiday lasts 7-10 days ..
Fish Feed, medium pellet
Tropical and Coldwater,colour enhancing, medium pellet,280g ..
Fish Feed,,small pellet
Tropical and Coldwater,colour enhancing pellet, 5mm pellet, 240g pack ..
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