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Data Logger Easy Sense V-Hub 8
The Easy Sense V-Hub8 Data Logger works with the entire SmartQ sensor range, providing low cost e..
Data Logger Smart Q Light Gate (Each)
The Light Gate has an infrared transmitter and receiver that will detect an object passing throug..
Data Logger Smart Q Motion Sensor
The SmartQ Motion Sensor is a sonar device that emits ultrasonic pulses. It measures the time it ..
Data Logger Smart Q pH Adaptor
The Smart Q pH adaptor has a preset calibration range and a user calibration range. The pH adapto..
Data Logger Smart Q pH Electrode
The pH electrode is connected via the ph adaptor (sold separately). It is a general purpose plast..
Data Logger Smart Q Temperature Sensor -200 to 1000 C (K-Type)
The Smart Q Thermocouple adaptor is equipped with a micro controller for greater precision and ac..
Data Logger Smart Q Temperature Sensor -30-110C
The Smart Q Temperature sensor is equipped with a micro controller that improves the accuracy,pre..
Diamond Model
Diamond model, contains a total of 30 Carbon atoms (4 holes,tetrahedral,black) plus links to buil..
Dicot Leaf Model
The structure of a dicot leaf is well represented in this 600x life size model, the cross and the..
Dish crystallizing, borosilicate glass with spout 100mm
Dish crystallising, borosilicate glass with spout 100mm. 80mm D x 45mm H ..
Dish crystallizing, borosilicate glass with spout 125mm
Dish crystallizing borosilicate glass with spout 125ml.95mm D x 55mm H ..
Dishwasher benchtop Omega White
Dish washer bench top, 6 place setting. Uses 8lts per cycle water. Detergent and rinse aid dispen..
Dishwasher benchtop test tube rack
Dish washer test tube rack, holds 132 test tubes or an assortment of glassware. 39cm x 49.5cm ..
Dissectible Transformer
The IEC Dissectible Transformer is a very useful instrument for the teaching of transformer theor..
Dissecting dish with wax
Dissecting dish, 300mmx 200mm x60mm with wax   ..
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