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Aluminium Rod 5mm diameter
Aluminium Rod,5mm x 300mm long ..
Aluminium Sheet, 150mm
Aluminium Sheet,150mm L x 100mm W x 0.8mm thick ..
Ball Bearing, 28mm dia
Ball Bearing, 28mm dia chrome steel ..
Ball Bearing, 3mm dia
Ball Bearing, 3mm dia pkt/100 chrome steel ..
Ball Bearing, 6mm dia
Ball Bearing, 6mm dia pkt/100 chrome steel ..
Brass Gauze, 300mm square
Brass Gauze, 300mm square ..
Brass Rod
Brass Rod,5mm dia x 300mm ..
Brass Sheet, 300mmx300mm
Brass Sheet,flat cold rolled,300mm x 300mm x 0.8mm thick ..
Brass Shim, 150mm x 600mm x 0.05mm
Brass Shim, 150mm x 600mm x 0.05mm ..
Copper Rod, 5mm
Copper Rod, 300mm x 5mm ..
Copper Sheet, 300mm  X 300mm
Copper Sheet, soft annealed, 300mm square x 0.7mm thick ..
Lead Sheet
Lead Sheet,300mm square x 0.8mm ..
Steel Balls 3x sizes
The IEC set of precision  steel balls contain the following: 20 x 12.7mm diameter steelballs..
Steel Rod
Steel Rod, 300mm x 6mm ..
Steel Sheet, 300mm x300mm
Steel Sheet, carbon steel cold rolled, 300mm square x 0.7mm ..
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