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Corrosive Liquid Storage Cabinets.

This range of cabinets is for the storage of corrosive substances in liquid or solid form. These include chemicals such as Acids,Alkalis,Caustics,Sodium Hydroxide and Hypochlorite solution.

Special Features: Cabinet doors are fitted with an all stainless steel piano hinge for added protection

Internal door opening latch

Each shelf is supplied with plastic spill trays to contain small spills and leakage.

Additional powder coating of the shelving and closing assembly for added protection.

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Corrosive Storage Cabinet 100 Lt
Capacity 100Lt, 2 Doors,1 Shelf, 2 Trays. Dimensions: External 770mm H x 935mm W x 620mm D. I..
Corrosive Storage Cabinet 160Lt
Capacity 160Lt, 2 Doors, 2 Shelves,2 Trays. Dimensions: External 1295mm H x 1115mm W x 500mm..
Corrosive Storage Cabinet 250Lt
Capacity: 250Lt, Doors 2, Shelves 3, Trays 3. Dimensions: External: 1825mm H x 1115mm W x 500..
Corrosive Storage Cabinets 30 Lt
Corrosive storage cabinet . For the safe storage of corrosive substances in liquid or solid form...
Corrosive Storage Cabinets 60Lt
Capacity 60Lt, 1 Door, 1 shelf, 2 trays. Dimensions: External 1065mm H x 515mm W x 465mm D. I..
Polystore Corrosive Storage Cabinets 100 lt
Fire retardant polypropylene construction, 9.5mm thick.self closing doors,liquid tight sump,adjus..
Polystore Corrosive Storage Cabinets 160lt
Fire retardant polypropylene construction,9.5mm thick. self closing doors and liquid tight s..
Polystore Corrosive Storage Cabinets 200 Lt
Fire retardant polypropylene construction, 9.5mm thick,self closing doors, liquid tight sump, adj..
Polystore Corrosive Storage Cabinets 250 Lt
Polystore corrosive cabinet 250lt, 2 door, 6 shelves white  ( includes base shelf) Construct..
Polystore Corrosive Storage Cabinets 50 Lt
Fire retardant polypropylene construction,mm thick self closing doors,liquid tight sump,adju..
Shelf 15mm white polypropylene
Shelf white 15mm polypropylene for use with 250lt corrosive cabinet ref 5545PSPH Complete with 4 ..
Toxic Chemicals Storage Cabinet, 60Lt
This cabinet is for the storage of Toxic substances. 60lt capacity. Soft action self closing door..
Tray, polyethylene, corrosion resistant, 100lt
Tray,polyethylene, corrosion resistant, 100lt Pratt   ..
Tray, polyethylene, corrosion resistant, 160lt
Tray,polyethylene. corrosion resistant 160lt, Pratt ..
Tray, polyethylene, corrosion resistant, 250lt
Tray,polyethylene, corrosion resistant, 250lt Pratt ..
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