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Voltameter (student)
Voltameter.Simple electrolysis experiment. Produce and collect hydrogen and oxygen gases ..
Voltaic Cells set
Voltaic Cells set,includes transparent cell,porous ceramic cup,electrode holders, 10 various lect..
Vitex, starch indicator ..
Vibration Apparatus 4-8V AC, Meldes
Vibration Apparatus, for strings,4-8V AC input,vibrates a metal,rod with attachment point for str..
Vial, specimen container, glass
Vial, specimen container, sodalime 13mm W x 50mm H with plastic cap, pkt/100 ..
Vial, glass, 76mm x 26mm, with cap
Vial, glass, 76mm x 26mm, with cap, clear glass,plastic puch on cap, pk/25 ..
Vesicular Basalt rock specimens
Vesicular Basalt rock specimens ..
Vertical Acceleration Demonstrator
Vertical Demonstrator Two steel balls are launched simultaneously. One explodes out in a horizont..
Vernier Caliper
Vernier Caliper,metal construction, 120mm x 0.1mm inside/outside ranges ..
Vermiculite, 5 ltr/500g
Vermiculite, 500g bag, extremely light, about half a 9lt bucket in contents   ..
Variable Vibrator
Variable vibrator Generate standing waves in a string.Connect to your signal generator (0.5A) min..
Variable Resistor (Rheostat)
Variable Resistor (Reostat),11ohm, 5 Amp DC, horizontal coil with slide control, 3 x 4mm captive ..
Variable electromagnet
Variable electromagnet.6 different coil options, 100,200,300,400,500,600 coils, a hook underneath..
Van de Graaf Generator,belt  ref 4138-010
Belt, Van de Graaf Generator, replacement for large generator 400Kv, new silicone belt, suits mod..
Van de Graaf Generator, 400KV 4138-001
Van de Graaf Generator,400 KV output, 240V AC, variable speed motor, 250mm dome, 80mm sphere on r..
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