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Y connector glass
Y Connector glass 6mm OD , 75mm stem with 2 y arms approx 40mm for use with rubber tubing ..
Wool Blanket (Durablanket, ceramic fibre blanket)
Wool Blanket (Durablanket, ceramic fibre blanket)heat resistant  sheet, 13mm thick, 100kg/m3..
Wooden Splints for Flame Test
Wooden Splints, ideal for flames test pracs.  140mm x 5mm x 1mm  pkt/500 ..
Wire, florists
Wire, florists, 400mm long for model making, 1kg pack ..
Wire Stripper, plier type
Wire Stripper, plier type for stripping back wire for circuits, plastic covered handles ..
Wire Stripper, end type
Wire Stripper, end type,adjustable for variable diameter wire ..
Wire Memory wire Ninitol,100cm
Wire memory wire , Ninitol 100cm ..
Wire Coil and Magnet
A 500 turn wire coil  with built in interface suppressor. When used in an eelectromagnetic i..
Wind Power Kit
Wind Power Kit: Grades 3 and up. Using kit materials, students construct a wind turbine complete ..
Wind farm kit, 30 students
Wind Farm Kit. How can wind create energy, in your class. Introduce students to this renewable en..
Wind Energy Set
The Wind Turbine kit is a great way to explain the function and benefits of using wind power to g..
Wide Spectrum Cure
For control of external parasites in fresh or salt water fish pk/25 tablets ..
Wick, for Alcohol Burner,pkt/10
Wick, for Alcohol Burner,cotton, 5mm diax 200mm long, good quality, pk/10 ..
White Spot Cure 150ml
For freshwater aquaria 150ml ..
White Spirit, 1L
White Spirit, 1L ..
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