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Acetone, 500 ml AR
Acetone, 500mL ..
Aceto- Orcein Stain, 100mL
Aceto- Orcein Stain, 100mL ..
Acetic Anhydride, 500ml LR
Acetic Anhydride, 500ml, LR ..
Acetic Acid, glacial, 500 ml AR
Acetic Acid, glacial, 500mL ..
Acetic Acid, glacial, 2.5L AR
Acetic Acid, glacial, 2.5L ..
Accelerometer Low G
The low G 3 axis Accelerometer measures force in the range of +- 10.0 g or +-100.0ms-2. Ideal for..
Accelerometer High G
The High G sensor measures forcesin the range of *-40g or 0 -500ms-2. Ideal for measuring the for..
Absorption Agent, 1kg
Absorption Agent, 1kg ..
Absorbtion set for Radiation experiments
Set of 24 Absorbers,50mm square, from tissue paper to aluminium foil, to aluminium sheet and plat..
A.C Theory Kit IEC
The IEC A.C. Theory Kit contains all the components necessary to perform a range of experiments f..
3-Methylbutan-1-ol, 500ml, (iso-amyl alcohol)
3-Methylbutan-1-ol,500ml. (iso-amyl alcohol)    ..
2-Methylpropan-2-ol,500ml.(Tert Butyl Alcohol) AR
2-Methylpropan-2-ol, 500ml (tert butyl alcohol)  ..
2-iodo-2-methylpropane, 25G ..
2-chloro-2-methylpropane, 25ml ..
2-Bromo-2-methylpropane, 25g ..
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