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Tubing Silicone,clear 6mm id x 9mm od 10mtrs
Tubing Silicone clear, 6mmid x 9mm od x 10mtrs   ..
Tubing pvc 4mm, 30mt
Clear plastic tubing 4mm id x 1mm wall for aquaria 30 mt roll ..
Tubing 6mm od x 0.75mm capillary
Capilliary Tubing,glass, 6mm OD x 0.75mm bore x 400mm long. 500g ..
Tube,vial,plastic, 16mm x100mm pkt/20
Tube, 10ml vial plastic, 16 mm dia x 97 mm with plastic screw cap, pk/20   ..
Trypsin, 5G
Trypsin is supplied as a powder,that in solution acts to break down protein into its constit..
Trundle wheel with counter
Trundle wheel with counter ..
Trundle Wheel
Trundle Wheel,  ..
Trough glass 250mm x 125mm
Glass Trough, circular, 250mm dia x 125mm high. not cheap import ..
Trolley,storage Double Column
Storage Trolley, double column,with 2 shallow trays and 4 deep trays. Heavy duty frame with casto..
A strong,multipurpose,laboratory trolley with 3 shelves.The trolley operates on large castor whee..
Trolley 3 shelf folding type
Space saving folding trolley.Polypropylene with stainless steel. shelve  dimensions 935mm x ..
Tris Buffer, 100g, AR
Tris Buffer, 100g tris (hydroxymethyl) methylamine   ..
Tripod, triangular top, 200mm legs
Tripod, triangular top, 200mm legs, 125mm sides,heavy duty cast top,with screw in legs, Metapp ..
Tripod, triangular top, 150mm legs
Tripod, triangular top, 150mm legs,125mm sides,heavy duty cast top with screw in legs Metapp ..
Tripod, ring top, 125mm x 200mm legs
Tripod, ring top, 125mm x 200mm heavy duty cast top, with screw in legs, Metapp ..
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