Chemical Labelling

The primary purposes of a label on a hazardous chemical container is so the contents can be identified and dealt with accordingly. If a hazardous substance is decanted into a secondary container and used immediately, no label is required or if the container is cleaned and free of any hazardous material. Otherwise, a label must be adhered to the container and include as a minimum the chemical name,any relevant hazard statement and hazard pictograms and precautionary statements.

Non hazardous substances are required to be labelled with the chemical name and concentration of constituents and name of the chemical company and contact number.

The new Chemical Label Maker V5 has been redesigned to enable laboratory managers to correctly label their decanted bottles of chemicals with the appropriate Health and Precautionary phrases in accordance with the new GHS legislation which was introduced in January 2012.

The program contains over 500 commonly used chemicals in school science laboratories. A simultaneous textual display allows you to examine the Health and Precautionary phrases of the currently highlighted chemical.The ability to add new chemicals not currently listed on the database and edit existing ones. Pictograms have been allocated  (where required) in a window next to the highlighted chemical, alerting you to the required label/s that must be adhered to your decanted bottles of chemicals.

The ability to design your own custom labels with different fonts,formulae and classification codes. Please note that small labels will restrict the amount of information you can display. 

A printing capability for printing on 3 different label sizes. The 3 common sizes used in science laboratories is 25mm x 70mm,36mm x 70mm,and link 37mm x 105mm. A link has been incorporated on the program to allow  access to the Chem-Supply web site to enable you to print out any Safety Data Sheets for all of your chemicals.

A link to the GHS converter that will enable you to add a new chemical to your database using the current Risk and Safety Phrases and have them converted into the new Health and Precautioary phrases.

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