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Microscopes & Digital Cameras (Motic Series).

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Camera, Digital   Motic 5MP
Microscope Digital camera, 5 MPixel high resolution, 2592 x 1944 pixels.USB 3 connecting, fo..
Camera, Digital,Motic 3MP
The Motic 3 is a versatile digital camera with a 3 Mega pixel camera.Connects via a USB Port. Cap..
Digital Microscope, Biological, DM-1802A
DIGITAL MICROSCOPE and SOFTWARE PACKAGE. (AIS-DM1802A), biological type,dual optical and digital,..
Digital Microscope, Stereo type, AIS DM-39C-N9GO
DIGITAL MICROSCOPE and SOFTWARE PACKAGE(AIS DM-39C-N9GO), stereo dissecting type, dual optics, 10..
Digital Microscope, USB
Digital Microscope, USB connecting, with digital camera (nom 1.3 Mpixel), manual focus 10mm to in..
Microscope, Biological Trinocular head
Trinocular head microscope 45 degrees inclined 360 degrees rotatable. Total 1000x magnification.W..
Microscope, Digital Motic DM52
Digital microscope and software package, biological type,10x widefield eyepiece,3 place nose with..
Microscope, Dual head with video port
The BA-81MCH is the new dual head compound microscope with a dedicated video port and the recharg..
Moticam 1080 Multi -output camera
The Moticam 1080 camera is a stand alone that works independently of a computer. The powerful on ..
Moticam BTU8,android tablet
This versatile Camera with Android tablet for trinocular microscopes includes live resolutio..
Motican X2 Wifi Connection Camera
The Moticam X2 is  a next generation microscope camera that will transform almost any old co..
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