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Algal Photosynthesis kit

Algal Photosynthesis kit
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This kit is based on the method of studying photosynthesis by using algae that has been immobilsed in an alginate gel. Algal balls are a method of studying photosynthesis by using algae immobilsed in an alginate gel. In this experiment the algae used is Chlorella. An indicator is added to show the comparitive concentration of dissolved CO2 in the vial.In the experiment Hydrogen Carbonate indicator changes colour (from ph 7.6 to ph 9.2) in response to the concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide, which is determined by the balance of photosynthesis (which consumes CO2) and respiration (which produces CO2). Kit is complete with notes


The kit consists of:

1 x vial containing 60 algal balls (Chlorella), 5 x empty vials (7ml volume) for experimental use.

1 x bottle  (50ml) of Hydrogen Carbonate indicator.

6 x plastic pipettes.


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