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Geiger- Muller Counter with G-M tube IEC REF 1884-001

Geiger- Muller Counter with G-M tube IEC REF 1884-001
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Geiger- Muller Counter with G-M tube for alpha ,beta,gamma,300-500V G-M tube,battery operated  (3xAA), auto off,speaker for audible clicks,counts continuously or for preset times of 10,60,or 100 seconds,or count rates per second or per minute.

This model is complete with an internal Geiger Muller (GM) tube which makes it ideal for industry, the classroom or for outdoors. The thin mica window of the tube is protected against mechanical damage by a plastic grille. Maximum geiger counting rate is 10Kz.

 An audible click for each particle count may be enables or disabled by the press button. If the batteries flatten, a socket is provided in the end of the instrument for any normal 240/12V AC or DC plug pack. 

Different Plateau Voltages may be set from time to time for various experiments and the set voltage is automatically restored on each power-up.

The instrument has no Off switch. To conserve battery life, if the instrument is performing a count or is in " Standby mode" the instrument will automatically power down after 4 minutes. If it is actively counting in the Count/Continuous mode the instrument will not power down. 

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