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Air, Water and Soil Test Materials,Hanna Instruments

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Alkalinity Test Kit- Hanna Instruments
Alkalinity Test Kit- Hanna Instruments,measures Phenolphthalein, Alkalinity, and Total Alkalinity..
Chlorine Test Kit- free chlorine
Chlorine Test Kit- Hanna Instruments, for free and total chlorine,0-2.5mg/l range on 5ml samples,..
Dissolved Oxygen Meter
The H9142 is a versatile dissolved oxygen meter. LCD display . Dissolved oxygen is measured in mg..
Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit- Hanna Instruments
Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit- Hanna Instruments,0-10ppm range on 5 and 10ml samples, azide titrametr..
Ecology Test Kit- Hanna Instruments
Ecology Test Kit- Hanna Instruments,a combination Water testing kit,5 tests for Acidity(0-100,0-5..
Garden Soil test meter
Garden soil test meter. A versatile unit to measure moisture, ph and light no battery require..
Hardness Test Kit
Hardness Test Kit, calcium carbonate by titration with edta 100 tests. ..
Lab water quality education test kit
Water Quality Back Pak. This portable kit has been specifically designed for teachers to get the ..
Marine Science Test Kit- Hanna Instruments HI3823
Marine Science Test Kit- Hanna Instruments.A combination Marine water testing kit, 6 tests, for A..
Nitrate Test Kit- Hanna Instruments
Nitrate Test Kit- Hanna Instruments,colourimetric type,with colour comparison cube and reagent sa..
Phosphate Test Kit- 50 tests
Phosphate Test Kit- Hanna Instruments, for orthophosphate levels in water, 0-5ppm range on 5ml sa..
Salinity Meter (Optical Refractometer)
Salinity Meter (Optical Refractometer),hand held,calibrated for salinity,(range 0-100 PPt x 1PPT)..
Soil and Water Test Kit
Soil and Water Test Kit, kit contains  8 tablets for each test. Ph level , Phosphorous , Nit..
Surface water test kit
Ideal for field testing industrial discharge in both ambient and environmental applications, the ..
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