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Primary Science Equipment Items

This section contains many of the specialized items that are available for schools to purchase  as part of the Primary Science Units. The items offered are those selected for their suitability,quality and safety and are supplied at very competitive prices. The lists highlight the various items of equipment available to you to support your Primary Science Curriculum. 

The items are a mix of more permanent items (eg magnifiers,timers,thermometers) reusable items which have a limited life and which will need replacement from time to time (eg plasticine,marker pens) and consumable items (eg cardboard,tape).

Many of the items listed have applications across a number of units and are used in almost all of them. Schools will need to make decisions about whether to dedicate a set of items ( for example a set of magnifiers) to each particular unit, or to share a set of items across a number of units.


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Bottle glass reagent 60ml clear polystopper
Bottle glass reagent, narrow neck,60ml clear, with polystopper ..
Bottle, plastic, 1 litre, plain HDPE
Reagent Bottle, plastic, 1 litre,plain, hdpe ..
Bottle, plastic, 250ml,HDPE
Bottle, plastic, 250mL screw cap with plastic nozzle HDPE ..
Bottle, plastic, 500ml,HDPE
Bottle, plastic, 500ml,round, polyethylene with plastic screw cap ..
Breathing chart
Breathing chart, how the lungs work ..
Bucket, plastic
Bucket, plastic, 9 litre with wire handles ..
Bulb Storage Rack
Bulb Storage Rack, wooden,holds 50 small E10 bulbs ..
Bunsen Burner, portable,
Bunsen Burner, portable, gas control tap, air control collar,and screw thread attachment to butan..
Bunsen Burner, standard LP gas
Bunsen Burner, standard LP gas, metapp, 135mm high, very good quality beware of cheap imitations ..
Bunsen Burner, standard Natural gas
Bunsen Burner, standard Natural gas, metapp, 135mm high  ..
Burette, one piece 50ml ptfe key
Burette, one piece, 50ml  x 0.1ml,to BS846 class B, teflon stopcock, blue engraved markings&..
Burner, Alcohol (spirit burner)
Burner, Alcohol (spirit burner), glass 125ml with loose fitting cap,for expansion,quality wick an..
Butterfly Net, with1.2 mt handle
Butterfly net with 1.2mt handle, with removable wire hoop and net ..
Buzzer, 1.5 -3 volts with wires ..
Camera Digital Microscope, USB, 500x
Digital Microscope, USB connecting, with digital camera (nom 1.3 Mpixel), manual focus 10mm to in..
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