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Primary Science Equipment Items

This section contains many of the specialized items that are available for schools to purchase  as part of the Primary Science Units. The items offered are those selected for their suitability,quality and safety and are supplied at very competitive prices. The lists highlight the various items of equipment available to you to support your Primary Science Curriculum. 

The items are a mix of more permanent items (eg magnifiers,timers,thermometers) reusable items which have a limited life and which will need replacement from time to time (eg plasticine,marker pens) and consumable items (eg cardboard,tape).

Many of the items listed have applications across a number of units and are used in almost all of them. Schools will need to make decisions about whether to dedicate a set of items ( for example a set of magnifiers) to each particular unit, or to share a set of items across a number of units.


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Bag, plastic 300mm x 400mm resealable pkt/100
 Bag plastic, 300mm, x  400mm, polythene,resealable, pkt/100 ..
Bag,plastic 150mm x 230 mm resealable,pkt/100
Plastic Bag, 150 x 230mm resealable,polythene, pkt/100 ..
Bag,plastic 75mm x 50mm resealable pkt/100
Plastic Bag, 75mm x 50mm,polythene resealable, pkt/100 ..
Balance Electronic 310g/0.1g
Balance electronic, 300g/0.1g,  LCD display, multiple weighing modes,long life battery 450ho..
Balance Electronic 510g/0.1g
Balance, electronic, 510g/0.1g. Large LCD display, Multiple weighing modes.Long life battery. ..
Balance, 2Kg x 1g (Weighing Scale)
Balance, 2Kg x 1g (Weighing Scale), Tare function. 2 x AA battery powered  ..
Balloon car racer
Balloon car racer.Simple to construct ,basic law of Physics. ..
Balloon Copter
A reusable balloon powered helicopter. ..
Balloons, long ,pkt/100
Balloons, long, pkt/100, assorted colours, inflate to 60cm x 2cm wide ..
Balloons, round,pkt/100
Balloons, round, pkt/100 ..
Balsa Pack Economy 450
Balsa Pack Economy is a small pack of Balsa Sheets and sticks 450mm in length. All wood is clean ..
Balsa Pack Jumbo Box Seconds
Balsa Pack Jumbo Box  Seconds is a mixed pack of Balsa Wood shapes sheets and blocks includi..
Balsa Wood Assorted Pack "ASP"
Balsa Wood Assorted Pack "ASP", contains a random assortment of Balsa wood sheet,shapes and block..
Balsa Wood Sheet Pack
Balsa Wood Sheet Pack is a pack of clean A-grade Balsa Wood Sheet. The sheets are random  wi..
Banana Plug, black, pkt/10
Banana Plug, black pkt/10, stackable ..
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