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Primary Science Equipment Items

This section contains many of the specialized items that are available for schools to purchase  as part of the Primary Science Units. The items offered are those selected for their suitability,quality and safety and are supplied at very competitive prices. The lists highlight the various items of equipment available to you to support your Primary Science Curriculum. 

The items are a mix of more permanent items (eg magnifiers,timers,thermometers) reusable items which have a limited life and which will need replacement from time to time (eg plasticine,marker pens) and consumable items (eg cardboard,tape).

Many of the items listed have applications across a number of units and are used in almost all of them. Schools will need to make decisions about whether to dedicate a set of items ( for example a set of magnifiers) to each particular unit, or to share a set of items across a number of units.


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CRESS SEEDS, pk/4000 seeds,for quick plant germination activities ..
Cup, clear plastic disposable, 270ml,pkt/50
Cup, clear plastic disposable,270ml pkt/50 ..
Cup, paper, 115ml pkt/40
Cup, paper,115ml, pkt/40 ..
Cup, styrofoam,pkt/25
Cup, styrofoam,80mm top x 103mm H, pkt/25 ..
Dissection Board, plastic (cutting board),200mm x270mm x 12mm
Dissection Board, plastic (cutting board), white,200mm x 270mm x 12mm ..
Electric Motor Model Kit (Hodson Makamotor) set/2
Electric Motor Model Kit (Hodson Makamotor) to teach Motor Effect, components to make two easy to..
Electric Motor Mounts pkt/10
Motor Mounts plastic,push fit,self adhesive pad on base ..
Electric Motor, 1.5 -4.5 Volt  round
Motor, 1.5 - 4.5V, 9500 rpm, 2mm shaft ..
Electric Motor, 3V -9V Flat base
Motor, 3v-9v with base,,medium speed high torque, low current,with plastic mounting base,suits ba..
Electric Motor, 6-12volt
Electric Motor, 6-12v DC , 0.95A 18,400 rpm high speed motor   ..
Epoxy Adhesive (Araldite)
Epoxy Adhesive (Araldite),2 pack resin with catalyst 24ml ..
Face Shield
Face Shield, industrial, clear full face ..
Filter Paper, qualitative, 125mm dia
Filter Paper, qualitative, 125mm dia,, medium fast speed, Double rings 102 . Pkt/100 ..
Fishing Line, 4.5kg
Fishing Line, 4.5kg, 100mt reel ..
Fishing Line, 9kg
Fishing Line, 9kg, B.S 100m reel ..
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