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Chart, Mirrors
Chart, Mirrors,shows the reflection of light rays and the formation of images laminated 900mmx 12..
Chart, Moon Map, Astronomy
Chart, Moon Map, Astronomy, photo mosaic with features named laminated 94cm x 107cm ..
Chart, Nuclear Fusion
Chart, Nuclear Fusion,laminated, 119cm x 84 cm ..
Chart, Nuclear Reactors and Power Plants
Chart, Nuclear Reactors and Power Plants,laminated 119cm x 84cm ..
Chart, Radioactivity
Chart, Radioactivity, (natural disintegration of atoms),laminated, 119cm x 84cm ..
Chart, Southern Cross and Pointers, Astronomy
Chart, Southern Cross and Pointers, Astronomy,shows alpha and beta Centauri and Cross against Mil..
Chart, Spectra
Chart, Spectrum shows continuous , line,absorption spectra,laminated 100cm x70cm ..
Chart, The Stars, Astronomy
Chart, The Stars, Astronomy,shows Nubulae,Star life,Star birth,Star death, laminated, 90cm x 60cm..
Chart, The Structure of Atoms
Chart, The Structure of Atoms,laminated, 119cm x 84cm ..
Chart,Astronomy,Cosmic Catastrophies
Chart, Cosmic catastrophies, shows disruption to Earths eco-structure due to cosmic impacts, lami..
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