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Laboratory Equipment General, Australian made is our priority, otherwise sourced from reliable overseas manufacturers and all guaranteed free from defects.

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 Test Tube Rack, large
Test Tube Storage Rack, large, wooden takes up to 6 x  25mm dia test tubes , estapol finis..
Aspirator bottle 10Lt HDPE
Aspirator bottle, 10 litres, polyethylene, high quality with polypropylene tap and carry handl..
Aspirator Bottle, plastic 5lt
Aspirator Bottle, plastic,polythene,5lt,high quality,with polypropylene tap and carry handle, the..
Bag plastic 280mm x 380mm resealable,pkt/100
Plastic Bag, 280mm x 380mm resealable,polythene, pkt/100 ..
Bag, plastic 300mm x 400mm resealable pkt/100
 Bag plastic, 300mm, x  400mm, polythene,resealable, pkt/100 ..
Bag,plastic 150mm x 230 mm resealable,pkt/100
Plastic Bag, 150 x 230mm resealable,polythene, pkt/100 ..
Bag,plastic 75mm x 50mm resealable pkt/100
Plastic Bag, 75mm x 50mm,polythene resealable, pkt/100 ..
Bar Magnet Storage Rack
Bar Magnet Storage Rack.Wooden to hold 10 pairs of 75mm bar magnets ..
Bar Magnet, 50mm long x 15mm wide, pair
Bar Magnet, 50mm long x 15mm x 10mm pair. Alninco, very good quality ..
Bar Magnet, 75mm long x 15mm wide, pair
Bar Magnet, 75mm x 15mm x 10mm pair, good quality, Alninco ..
Basket, polypropylene 230mm
Basket, polypropylene,230mm X 230mm  cubed, suits washing of small glassware items. Lid no &..
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 1000ml
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 1000mL ..
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 100ml
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), graduated 100mL ..
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 250ml Kartell
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 250mL ..
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 500ml
Beaker, polypropylene (plastic), 500mL ..
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