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Insect collection 16 specimens
Insect Collection,16 specimens .11 orders and two life cycles.With notes ..
Investigation of Blood Chart
This chart depicts the components of blood, blood typing and use of blood in forensic science. La..
Jars, Cylindrical, HDPE 500ml
Jar,cylindrical, 500ml, ribbed cap, HDPE, suitable for powders and semi solids, 86mm x 107mm ..
Kinetic Theory- vibrating ball type
The IEC Kinetic Theory apparatus simulates the behaviour of a gas. A quantity of small metal sphe..
Kipps Generator,250ml Glass
Kipps generator, 250ml glass ..
Kundt's Apparatus (with speaker & mic)
This apparatus is used to reproduce Kundt's experiments to study wave motion inside a tube by usi..
Laser Receiver
This product is used to recieve any Laser light beam that has been modulated by a signal.Mod..
Lauric Acid 25G ..
Lid spare bakelite for 100 ml jar
Lid, spare, bakelite for 100ml jar   ..
Lid spare bakelite for 30ml jar
Lid,spare bakelite for 30ml jar   ..
Lid spare bakelite for 65 ml jar
Lid, spare, bakelite for 65ml jar.    ..
Liver Pancreas and Duodenum model
Liver Pancreas and Duodenum model. Life size model. The panceatic duct is shown up to its apertur..
Liver section with Gall bladder model
Model liver section with gall bladder. 4 lobes with gall bladder,extrahepatic ducts, hilus vessel..
Loud Speaker for wave lab
The IEC Loud Speakers for Wave-lab are broad ranged,robust, compact and are designed for general ..
Loud Speaker unmounted, 100mm dia
Lpud Speaker, unmounted 100mm   ..
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