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Heating Mantle, for 250ml round bottom flasks
Heating mantle for 250ml capacity flasks. Electromantles feature a durable, chemically resis..
Honey Bee life cycle
Honey bee life cycle from egg . larva,pupa adult worker,adult drone,adult queen,various combs,wax..
Human Torso Dual Sex, 24 parts 3B Germany
The Human Torso Model B30 is detailed to a very high standard. All the organs are hand ..
Hydrogen peroxide 2.5 Lt 30%, AR grade only ..
Ice model, 35 water units
Ice, 35 water units. This model makes a 3 layer ice structure with 35 H20 molecules ..
Immersion heater 12v/50W
Immersion heater,12v/50w for use with calorimer block sets ..
Incubator 32 Litre, Lab Tech
Incubator, 32 Litre capacity, temp range ambient to 50 deg, acc+- 0.1deg, microprocessor multi fu..
Incubator, 56 Litre Labtech
Incubator, 56 Litre capacity,temp range ambient to 70 deg, acc +- 0.1 deg, microprocessor multi f..
Indicator papers pH 1.0 -4.3 roll of 5 mtr x 10mm Duotest
These indicator papers show show two different colours of each ph value ..
Insect collection 16 specimens
Insect Collection,16 specimens .11 orders and two life cycles.With notes ..
Investigation of Blood Chart
This chart depicts the components of blood, blood typing and use of blood in forensic science. La..
Jars, Cylindrical, HDPE 500ml
Jar,cylindrical, 500ml, ribbed cap, HDPE, suitable for powders and semi solids, 86mm x 107mm ..
Kipps Generator,250ml Glass
Kipps generator, 250ml glass ..
Lauric Acid pure grade 500g ..
Lid spare bakelite for 100 ml jar
Lid, spare, bakelite for 100ml jar   ..
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