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Grasshopper,life cycle embedded
Grasshopper, from egg to adult. Block is 210mm x 130mm x 40mm ..
Guinea and  Feather Apparatus
Free fall in a vacuum. A metre long tube sealed at one end, with a stopcock fitting at the other ..
Hazchem Spill Kit 20Lt
Includes a variety of sorbents to handle nearly any type of caustic, hazardous or unknown spill, ..
Heating mantle 500ml round bottom flask
The Electromantle features a durable,chemically resistant polypropylene outer housing. All with b..
Heating Mantle, for 250ml round bottom flasks
Heating mantle for 250ml capacity flasks. Electromantles feature a durable, chemically resis..
Helmholtz Coils pair
Helmholtz Coils are air wound coils of large diameter that can be connected to a power source and..
Honey Bee life cycle
Honey bee life cycle from egg . larva,pupa adult worker,adult drone,adult queen,various combs,wax..
Human Torso Dual Sex, 24 parts 3B Germany
The Human Torso Model B30 is detailed to a very high standard. All the organs are hand ..
Hydrogen peroxide 2.5 Lt 30%, AR grade only ..
Ice model, 35 water units
Ice, 35 water units. This model makes a 3 layer ice structure with 35 H20 molecules ..
Immersion heater 12v/50W
Immersion heater,12v/50w for use with calorimer block sets ..
Incubator 32 Litre, Lab Tech
Incubator, 32 Litre capacity, temp range ambient to 70 deg, acc+- 0.1deg, microprocessor multi fu..
Incubator, 56 Litre Labtech
Incubator, 56 Litre capacity,temp range ambient to 70 deg, acc +- 0.1 deg, microprocessor multi f..
Indicator papers pH 1.0 -4.3 roll of 5 mtr x 10mm Duotest
These indicator papers show show two different colours of each ph value ..
The IEC Infra Red Detector is a special photo transistor which has maximum sensitivity to electro..
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