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Drinking Bird
Drinking Bird shows evaporation. A heat engine that mimics the motion of a bird drinking from a w..
Drying Tube, glass
Drying tube glass, 200mm x 20mm with side arms ..
Effects of Diabetes, model
Effects of Diabetes Model, Shows effects on eyes,heart, kidney and foot,includes hardening of the..
Electric Circuit Simulator
A simple manometer demonstrates a voltmeter, the tap valves demonstrate parallel resistors and th..
Electroflash,Electronics system
Magnetic connection system allows you to build circuits quickly. Includes study guide, storage bo..
Electromagnet 12V D.C
This simple electromagnet consists of two 10mm diameter iron cores inserted into bobbins and woun..
An Electrometer is a device used for the measurement of extremely small voltages,electric charges..
Electronics Circuit board kit
Study of Photonics, thermistors , LED,resistors,diodes,phot diodes,capacitors,amplifiers and m..
Electrophoresis Chamber,complete,gel length of 85mm
Electrophoresis chamber. This chamber is designed for use in education. The injection molded..
The IEC/Energy/ Power meter is specially designed for the use in the classroom.It is powered from..
Fat, glyceryl tristearate
Fat model.Contains a total of 173 atom parts plus links and a tool to build one Glyceryl tristear..
First Aid kit school use
Flower model, enlarged
Flower model. This 3 D relief model presents an enlarged view of a typical flower with cut away s..
Foam insert set/3 IEC
Foam insert, 3 sections bottom middle and lid for hodson light box components ..
Funnel glass 35mm diameter short stem
Funnel glass 35mm diameter short stem, ideal for burettes ..
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