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Cabbage worm life cycle
Six different stages from egg, larva,pupa,adult male,adult femail , food source. Block is 170mm x..
Calcium fluoride, pre-assembled
Calcium Fluoride .This pre-assembled model contains a total of 30 atoms plus links to depict a mo..
Calorimeter Heating Block set.
Calorimeter heating block set, for the experimental determination of the specific heat capacity o..
Camera Motican X2 Wifi Connection Camera
The Moticam X2 is  a next generation microscope camera that will transform almost any old co..
Camera, Digital,Motic 3MP
The Motic 3 is a versatile digital camera with a 3 Mega pixel camera.Connects via a USB Port. Cap..
Catalase, 25ml
Catalase is a high activity enzyme that facilitates the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide t..
Cellulase 100ml ..
The IEC  Collision in Two Dimensions is an old PSSC design. It is a simple device to clamp t..
Colorimeter,digital IEC
The IEC Digital Colorimeter is microprocessor controlled and designed for the classroom or labora..
The IEC Constant Volume Thermometer is a high quality instrument for performing the standard expe..
Copper wire mesh 80 mesh fine 30cm
This copper mesh can be readily cut with normal scissors. Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm ..
Cover slips 22mmx 22mm
Cover slips 22mm square 2x rows of 50. Dust free, quality glass as used by the WCH. ..
CRESS SEEDS, pk/4000 seeds,for quick plant germination activities ..
Crucible porcelain 30ml
Cyclohexanone, LR 500ml
Cyclohexanone LR 500ml ..
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