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Benchkote paper for lab benches, 46cm x 57cm pkt/50 sheets
Benchkote is an absorbent impermeable material manufactured by Whatman to protect laboratory bech..
Bottle, 60ml amber glass, polystopper
Bottle 60ml amber glass with poly stopper ..
Bottle, reagent amber glass 125ml polystopper
Bottle reagent 125ml narrow neck,amber, glass, with polystopper ..
Bottle, reagent clear glass 500ml polystopper
Bottle reagent clear glass narrow neck, 500ml polystopper ..
Bottles, graduated, 1000ml pp
Bottles,graduated 1000ml, autoclavable, cylindrical wide neck, rupture proof, polypropylene,95mm ..
Bottles, square, 1000ml,  PE
Bottle, square , graduated, 1000ml, wide neck, polyethylene 80mm x 103mm x 176mm , mouth 58mm ..
Bottles, square, 500ml, PE
Bottles, square, graduated, wide neck, 500ml, polyethylene,70mm x 80mm x 138mm  mouth 45mm..
Bottles,graduated, 500ml pp
Bottles,graduated,500ml, autoclavable , wide neck, cylindrical, rupture proof,polypropylene,..
Breast cancer model full size
Breast Cancer .This model is made of durable lifelike material with two lumps that simulate typic..
Brush, bottle 80mm diameter X 120mm head
Brush bottle ,nylon bristles, 550mm long x 80mm wide head X 120mm long ..
Buffer solution tablets, set/3 Ph4,Ph7, Ph10
These buffer solution tablets are color coded. Each vial contains 10 capsules to each make a 100m..
Burette, 50ml graduated TPX, with ptfe stopcock
Burette, 50ml graduated TPX, with ptfe stopcock ..
Buttercup root model
Buttercup root model, tissue structure 400x magnification of longitudal and transverse view ..
Butterfly life cycle
Butterfly life cycle, block is 140 x 64 x 24mm ..
Butyl Acrtate (n) 500ml ..
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