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Molymod Biochemistry (teacher set)
Biochemistry Set. Contains 257 atom parts.Carbon 42, 4 holes tetrahedral, Carbon 24, 3 holes trig..
Molymod Buckminster Fullerene
Buckminster Fullerene, C60 contains a total of 60 Carbon atoms (trigonal bipyramid, black) p..
Molymod Cholesterol
Cholesterol model. contains a total of 75 atom parts plus links and a tool to build a modelof the..
Molymod Glucose  2 molecules
Glucose contains a total of 48 atom parts plus links and a tool to build two glucose molecules. 1..
Molymod individual organic pack
This introductory molecular model pack will let you get started and expand as required. Contains ..
Molymod Semi space filling set for organic chemistry
This kit makes the following Synthetic Fibres- polypropylene,polyvinylchloride,polystyrene, polym..
Molymod Zinc Sulphide
Zince blende is a covalent lattice of alternate zinc and sulphur with the atom parts joined toget..
Molymod, elementary organic kit
Elementary Organic Kit Contains 30 atoms.Hydrogen 14, Carbon 6, Nitrogen 2, Oxygen 6, Halogen 2,L..
Molymod, Sucrose 1 molecule
Contains a total of 45 atom parts plus links and tools to build one sucrose molecule.Contains 12 ..
Model of sulphur, three S8 rings contains a total of 24 sulphur atoms plus links and a tool to bu..
Molymod. Complex ions set
Complex Ions This kit makes the following ions.1. Hexaquometal ion, 2. Hexacyanometal ion,3. Tetr..
Monocot Stem Model, corn
This model shows the histological structures of a small part of the stem of a corn plant in a cro..
Motican X2 Wifi Connection Camera
The Moticam X2 is  a next generation microscope camera that will transform almost any old co..
Nano Tex fabric, beige colour
Nano Tex fabric, beige colour, approx size is 32cm x 32cm ..
Oral Hygene model teeth
Model of oral hygeine for clean teeth. 3 times life size. flexible joint between jaws ..
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