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Loud Speaker, 75mm
The IEC loud speaker in housing is a strong and neat unit designed for general laboratory use.It ..
The IEC Demonstration  Manometer is a high quality instrument designed to demonstrate the fu..
Marine animal collection 8 specimens,embedded
This collection of 8 resin blocks has samples from 8 different marine species. It includes a ..
Measuring Cylinder TPX, graduated 250ml
Measuring Cylinder, polypropylene graduated 10ml
Measuring cylinder, 10ml  polypropylene graduated.   ..
Measuring Cylinder,TPX, graduated 100ml
Measuring Cylinder TPX 100ml   ..
Measuring Cylinder,TPX, graduated 25ml
Measuring Cylinder,TPX, graduated 50ml
Mercury liquid , 500G
Mercury liquid, 500g ..
Meter  pH 0-14 x 0.01ph with BNC fitting
Ph Meter, 0-14ph x 0,10 ph. Rugged and water proof.Alpha numeric display,one touch calibration,9v..
Microscope Binocular Motic BA81B-MS
Microscope, Binocular, Reasearch grade .Siedentopf 45 degree inclined head , 360 degree rotation...
Microscope Biological Trinocular head with WiFi Camera
The B1-253SP is one of the best selling biological microscopes with excellent optical and mechani..
Microscope Dual head with WiFi  Camera
The BA-81MCH is the new Senior student microscope with Dual view monucular viewing head 45 d..
Microscope Senior Secondary, Motic AIS BA80AQ-MS
Microscope, biological type, monocular 45 degree inclined rotating head with 10x WF eyepiece, 4 p..
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