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A.C Theory Kit IEC
The IEC A.C. Theory Kit contains all the components necessary to perform a range of experiments f..
Absorbtion set for Radiation experiments
Set of 24 Absorbers,50mm square, from tissue paper to aluminium foil, to aluminium sheet and plat..
Animal Cell, model
This single piece model,magnified approximately 13000 times, is a very useful tool to study the c..
Animal Kingdom Collection 1, 12 specimens, embedded
This collection contains 12 resin blocks of different animal classifications. It includes a key a..
Animal Kingdom Collection 2, 20 specimens, embedded
This collection contains 20 resin blocks of samples from 20  different animal classification..
Apron, disposable,white, pkt/100
Apron, disposable, white, polyethylene, 71cm x 117cm pkt/100 ..
Axels,Bamboo Skewers, 2.5mm dia x 15cm pkt/100
Bamboo Skewers/axles, 2,5mm dia x 15cm long pkt/100  ..
Axle, metal, 2.5mm x 100cm
Axle, 2.5mm x 100cm , metal rod ideal for wheels and pulleys  ..
Axles, wooden dowel,250mm x 4mm pkt/100
Axles, wooden dowel, 250mm x 4mm, pk/100  ..
Balance Electronic 120g/0.0001g ADAM
Balance, electronic, 120g capacity. 0.0001g accuracy. with draft shield, LCD display . Stainless ..
Balance Electronic 252g/0.0001g. AND
Balance,analytical 252g/0.0001g fast accurate precision 0.1mg to 10 micrograms. Automatic calibra..
Balance Electronic 3200g/0.01g AND
Balance,electronic, 3200g/0.01g. Multiplw weighing modes, Digital calibration, top pan weighing, ..
Balance Electronic 420g/0.001g ADAM
Balance electronic, 420g capacity 0.001 g accuracy. with draft shield.Robust metal housing,12cm s..
Balance Electronic 610g/0.01g AND
Balance, electronic, 610g/0.01g, multiple measuring modes. LCD display. AC or battery operation ..
Balsa Pack Economy 450
Balsa Pack Economy is a small pack of Balsa Sheets and sticks 450mm in length. All wood is clean ..
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