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Copper wire mesh 80 mesh fine 30cm
This copper mesh can be readily cut with normal scissors. Each sheet is 30cm x 30cm ..
Engraver, electric 240v, AC,12W,adjustable stroke,tungsten carbide tip,hand held ..
Epoxy Adhesive (Araldite)
Epoxy Adhesive (Araldite),2 pack resin with catalyst 24ml ..
File, triangular
File, triangular,tapered,150mm long with handle ..
Glue Gun, hot melt
Glue Gun, hot melt,240v trigger feed ..
Glue Sticks, hot melt, 300mmx 10 mm pkt/8
Glue Sticks, hot melt 300mm long x 10mm pkt/8 ..
Insulation Tape, PVC, black
Insulation Tape, PVC, black 100mt roll ..
PVA Glue, 1000ml
PVA Glue, 1000ml ..
PVA Glue, 4 litre
PVA Glue, 4 litre ..
Sandpaper, Coarse
Sandpaper, Coarse,280mm x 230mm sheet M2 grit. ..
Sandpaper, Fine
Sandpaper, Fine, 280mm x 230mm sheet ) grit ..
Sandpaper, Medium
Sandpaper, Medium,280mm x 230mm sheet 1/1/2 grit ..
Screwdriver Set, set/10
Screwdriver Set, set of 10 in case, 4 x phillips head and 6 slotted head ..
Shears (Tin Snips)
Shears (Tin Snips),metal cutting, straight, 250mm long ..
Solder,resin cored,60/40 tin/lead 1.6mm dia,100g reel ..
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