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Agglutination Tile, 24 wells, pkt/5
Agglutination Tile,clear plastic disposable,form blood typing tests. 12 wells pkt/5 ..
Ant Farm, plastic, 230mm
Ant Farm. plastic, 230mm wide x 150m high ..
Autoclave bags, 300mm x 500mm pk/20
Autoclave bags 300mm x 500mm with sterile confirmation strips pk/20 ..
Autoclave indicator tape
Autoclave indicator tape ..
Body Fat Scales
Body fat scales, 150kg/0.1kg, body fat%, BMI ..
Butterfly Net, with1.2 mt handle
Butterfly net with 1.2mt handle, with removable wire hoop and net ..
Carbon fibre replacement Pkt/10
Carbon fibre replacements for electrodes using electrophoresis 10cm x 10 cm sheets. Sufficient fo..
Cover slip, glass 22mmx22mm
Cover Glass,cid washed and cleaned 22mm x 22mm , in dust proof pack.pkt/100 superior brand ..
Cover slips 22mmx 22mm
Cover slips 22mm square 2x rows of 50. Dust free, quality glass  ..
Cover slips glass 20mmx 20mm
Cover slips , glass for microscope slides 20mm x 20mm pkt/100, made in china, cheap alternative. ..
Dialysis Tubing,28mm x 25mt roll
Dialysis Tubing,28mm x 25m roll,flat ..
Dice, red, orange, yellow,2cm
Dice, six sided red 3 sides, orange 2 sides, yellow 1 side for probability experiments ..
Dish,culture, petri 90mm half plate polycarbonate
Dish,culture petri, 90mm half plate pkt/20, with divider, polycarbonate  ..
Dissecting dish with wax
Dissecting dish, 330 mm x 230 mm x60 mm with wax   ..
Glitterbug Hygiene Handwashing Kit,
Hygiene Handwashing Kit,240ml Glitterbug solution, powder,UV LED for detection of fluorescence ..
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