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Agglutination Tile, 24 wells, pkt/5
Agglutination Tile,clear plastic disposable,form blood typing tests. 12 wells pkt/5 ..
Ant Farm, plastic, 230mm
Ant Farm. plastic, 230mm wide x 150m high ..
Autoclave bags, 300mm x 500mm pk/20
Autoclave bags 300mm x 500mm with sterile confirmation strips pk/20 ..
Autoclave indicator tape
Autoclave indicator tape ..
Body Fat Scales
Body fat scales, 150kg/0.1kg, body fat%, BMI ..
Butterfly Net, with1.2 mt handle
Butterfly net with 1.2mt handle, with removable wire hoop and net ..
Carbon fibre replacement Pkt/10
Carbon fibre replacements for electrodes using electrophoresis 10cm x 10 cm sheets. Sufficient fo..
Cover slip, glass 22mm
Cover Glass,cid washed and cleaned 22mm x 22mm , in dust proof pack.pkt/100 superior brand ..
Cover slips 22mmx 22mm
Cover slips 22mm square 2x rows of 50. Dust free, quality glass as used by the WCH. ..
Cover slips glass 20mmx 20mm
Cover slips , glass for microscope slides 20mm x 20mm pkt/100, made in china, cheap alternative. ..
Dialysis Tubing,28mm x 25mt roll
Dialysis Tubing,28mm x 25m roll,flat ..
Dice, red, orange, yellow,2cm
Dice, six sided red 3 sides, orange 2 sides, yellow 1 side for probability experiments ..
Dish,culture, petri 90mm half plate polycarbonate
Dish,culture petri, 90mm half plate pkt/20, with divider, polycarbonate  ..
Dissecting dish with wax
Dissecting dish, 330 mm x 230 mm x60 mm with wax   ..
Glitterbug Hygiene Handwashing Kit,
Hygiene Handwashing Kit,240ml Glitterbug solution, powder,UV LED for detection of fluorescence ..
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