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Vacuum Pump Oil
Specially formulated for the Javac CC series  pumps 1000ml bottle. ..
Vacuum Jar with Bell (Bell Jar)
Vacuum Jar with Bell (Bell Jar),includes glass jar, base and tap, and removeable bell, for use wi..
UV Outside Detector
The UV detector contains two uv detecting beads inside a clear plastic bottle.The beads turn from..
Urine Test Strip, Urobilinogen,pkt/50
Urine Test Strip, Urobilinogen,for Bilirubin,Blood, Glucose,Ketone,Ph, Protein, Pkt/50 ..
Urine Test Strip, Uristix, pkt/100
Urine Test Strip, Uristix, 2G for glucose and protein,2 band dipstick,pk/100 ..
Urine Test Strip, Diastix,pkt/100
Urine Test Strip, Uriscan 1, for sugar, pk/100   ..
Urea Ar 500g
Urea, AR 500g ..
Unsaturated fat, oleic acid
Oleic Acid Contains a total of 54 atom parts plus links and a tool to build one example of an uns..
Universal Indicator solution, 500mL
Universal Indicator solution, 500mL ..
Universal Indicator solution, 100mL
Universal Indicator solution, 100mL ..
Universal Indicator Colour Chart
Universal Indicator Colour Chart,1-14, pk/10 ..
Understanding nanotechnology laminated chart 66 x 95cm
This new poster defines "nanotechnology" and presents countless applications in which this techno..
Ultraviolet Light, long wavelength
Ultraviolet Light, long wavelength, 6 volt,with 135mm fluorescent tube,battery  operated por..
Ultra violet Sterilising Cabinet, Starkeys SC201
UV Sterilising Cabinet,ultra violet, designed for safe and sterile storage of instruments. Destro..
Replacement lamp for ultra violet lamp short wave and long wave  ref 14WUVP-UVSL -14P ..
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