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Water Test Paper
Water Test Paper,uses cobalt chloride, blue paper turns pink with moisture, pk/100 strips ..
Water Still , Cascade 3Lt/hr Labglass
The Cascade Water Still  produces single distilled water at 3 litres per hour. A feed water ..
Water filter  for Water still, carbon granules
Activated charcoal  granules in sachet for water distiller pkt/10 sachets &nbs..
WATER Distiller  4Lt /Hr non glass design
WATER STILL, plated steel, construction, 750W,240V AC. 4lt/hour capacity,boil dry protection..
Water bath, Digital, 6 Litre
Water bath,6 litre capacity,500W heater,range 5-99 deg, accuracy 1deg, stainless steel bath, coat..
Water bath, Digital, 23 Litre,
Water bath, 23 Litre, 2000w heater, range 5-99 degrees, accuracy  1deg,stainless steel bath,..
Water Bath, Digital, 14 Litre
Water bath, 14 litre capacity, 750W heater, range 5-99 deg, accuracy 1 deg, stainless steel bath,..
Water bath thermostat controller
Water bath Thermostat controller, for IEC water baths,offers better temperature control  fit..
Water bath test tube rack, universal combi
Test tube rack 4 sided to hold a variety of test tubes, 40x12mm, 8x 30mm, 24x 17mm, 20x 20mm ..
Water Bath IEC
Water bath, portable for IEC hotplates, 260mm x 190mm x 125mm takes 4 x 1000ml glass beakers..
Watch Glass, 75mm pkt/12
Watch Glass, glass 75mm dia round edges Pk/12   ..
Watch glass 125mm pk10
Watch glass 125mm fire polished rim, high quality . Pk 10 ..
Watch glass 100mm pkt/10
Watch glass borosilicate, 10cm pkt/10 ..
Wash Bottle, 250ml
Wash Bottle, 250ml, plastic,Polyethylene, with integral spout. Very good quality Kartell. ..
Wash bottle polyethylene 500ml
Wash bottle , polyethylene 500ml jet type with nozzle ..
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