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Wax (Bees Wax), 500g pellets
Wax (Bees Wax), 500g  pellets ..
Wave Machine
Wave Machine, hand operated,600mm x 330 mm x 200mm, shows longitudinal and transverse waves ..
Water Test Paper
Water Test Paper,uses cobalt chloride, blue paper turns pink with moisture, pk/100 strips ..
Water filter  for Water still, carbon granules in cap
WATER Distiller  4Lt /Hr non glass design
WATER STILL, plated steel, construction, 750W,240V AC. 4lt/hour capacity,boil dry protection..
Water bath, Digital, 6 Litre Lab-Tech AWB-006D
Water bath, 6 litre capacity,500W heater,range 5-99 deg, accuracy 0.1deg, stainless steel bath, c..
Water bath, Digital, 22 Litre, LabTech, AWB-022D
Water bath, 22 Litre, 1400W heater, range 5-99 degrees, accuracy 0.1deg,stainless steel bath, coa..
Water Bath, Digital, 11 Litre, Lab tech AWB-011D
Water bath, 11 litre capacity, 700W heater, range 5-99 deg, accuracy 0.1 deg, stainless steel bat..
Water bath thermostat controller
Water bath Thermostat controller, for IEC water baths,offers better temperature control  fit..
Water bath test tube rack, universal combi
Test tube rack 4 sided to hold a variety of test tubes, 40x12mm, 8x 30mm, 24x 17mm, 20x 20mm ..
Water Bath IEC
Water bath, portable for IEC hotplates, 260mm x 190mm x 125mm takes 4 x 1000ml glass beakers..
Watch Glass, 75mm pkt/10
Watch Glass, glass 75mm dia round edges  pkt/10 ..
Watch glass 125mm fire polished rim, high quality . Pk 10 ..
Wash Bottle, 250ml
Wash Bottle, 250ml, plastic,Polyethylene, with integral spout. Very good quality Kartell. ..
Vu timing mats
These large mats are activated by stepping onto them. one mat is used to start the timer, the oth..
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