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Accelerometer High G
The High G sensor measures forcesin the range of *-40g or 0 -500ms-2. Ideal for measuring the for..
Accelerometer Low G
The low G 3 axis Accelerometer measures force in the range of +- 10.0 g or +-100.0ms-2. Ideal for..
Anemometer Pack
The Anemometer is constructed using a high quality ball bearing, stainless steel hardware, UV sta..
Balance adaptor
The balance adaptor converts the top pan balance into  a data logging sensor to record chang..
Breathing rate belt
This belt is used to measure the expansion of the chest whilst a person breathes. The chest belt ..
Breathing rate belt and Pressure
The differential gas pressure sensor (3139) and the breathing rate belt (3190) in this pack are u..
Charge Sensor
Allows the quantity of charge and polarity to be recorded and not just the presence of charge. Ad..
Conductivity Adaptor
The smart Q conductivity adaptor enables a conductivity electrode to be connected to an easy sens..
Conductivity electrode
The conductivity electrode is manufactured from epoxy and has graphite plate electrodes. ideal fo..
Crocodile clips
A crocodile clip lead is normally used attached to a home made push to make switch.They can be us..
Current +-1A
1A mid range current sensor for dc and low voltage ac measurements. Use in conjunction with volta..
Current 100mA
100mA low range high resolution current sensor for dc and low voltage ac measurements.Use in conj..
Current 10A
10A high range sensor for dc and low voltage ac measurements.This high range sensor is very good ..
Data Logger Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor
The Smart Q Carbon Dioxide Gas sensor measures the carbon dioxide of a gas e.g in air,as parts pe..
Data Logger Colorimeter Sensor
The Smart Q Colorimeter is designed to measure the amount of light penetrating a solution.A white..
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