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Microscopes, Motic, 5 year warranty, spare parts,service available in South Australia.

Motic combines consistency and quality to provide an excellent standard of both optical and digital microscopy products.Motic was formed in 1988 as a high-tech industrial enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of conventional compound microscopes.Owned by Speed Fair Co Ltd the company has grown into a global family with International Marketing offices including Australia.Motics manufacturing base in China consists of five fully -owned subsidaries manufacturing components for the company.Motic have an established R&D  centre in Xiamen with over 100 professional engineers and technicians,covering industrial design, mechanical,optical, electronics,software and multi-media aspects.

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Microscope,Stereo type, Motic S-20-LO
Microscope,stereoscopic type, 45 degree inlcined head, two 10x widefield eyepieces, 2 x objective..
Microscope,Stereo type,Motic Red30-S
Microscope, stereoscopic type, 45 degree inclined head,two 10x/20mm wide field eyepieces, 2x and ..
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